Saying Goodbye to Malaysia, on to China!

I love Malaysia. It would be hard to leave, except for the fact that in less than 24 hours I’ll be on a plane en route to Beijing, China to meet my Mom. The fact that I get to explore

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The Beautiful Cameron Highlands

One thing travel has given me is an appreciation for shockingly beautiful landscapes. Nothing quite compares to standing in front of a massive expanse of land that you can’t tear your eyes away from. The views of the karst limestone

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Killing Time in Kuala Lumpur

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur with one important mission in mind- obtain a Chinese visa. For anyone who does not know, I will be meeting my Mom in Beijing on May 26th. Plans had been made and the flights were

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Five Things I Already Love About Malaysia

For everyone who doesn’t know, I’m now in Malaysia. Naoko and I ended our time in Cambodia together and I hopped on a plane to Kuala Lumpur. I have spent eight days in this city and I’ve enjoyed it quite

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Visiting the Famous Angkor Wat Complex

Before going to the temples I read a decent portion of the Angkor Wat history book I purchased in Kampot. This was the best thing I could have done for myself as it put everything into perspective. These were not

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Slowing Down in Kampot, Cambodia

Poor Naoko was sick the whole time we were in Kampot. This left me to explore on my own for two days… By explore I really mean relax. You’ll see what I mean by the end of the post. First

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Spending a week in Phnom Penh- An Overview

Naoko and I ended up spending a full week in Phnom Penh, Cambodia waiting for her new debit card to arrive (more on that story can be found in my previous post). This gave us plenty of time to see

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